Community Housing Inspection & Reporting Services

 PropertySafe are the leading safety inspection company in Australia

We provide a variety of reports that include risk mitigation, regulatory state based compliance, asset and custom inspections.

We work with you and listen to your organisations requirements so that we can provide the best level of service and care that you provide to your tenants and workers.

Our trusted inspectors have experience within the community housing and real estate industry and provide quality information within the reports so that you are able to make valued decisions, plans and forecasts.

Pricing is quoted depending on volume, location and requirements but rest assured you will get great value. 

We specialise in the following Community Housing inspections

Safety Inspection Report

A checklist of more than 120 safety issues that include the condition of smoke alarms, as well as general health and safety concerns like slips, trips and falls, step, stair and deck safety; electrical and glass risks; and checks for the presence of moisture and pests that could cause health problems. 

Asset Inspection Service

Assesses property assets and reports on the condition and life cycle of these assets to plan reactive and cyclical maintenance. These reports will provide information that will simplify asset forecasting and planning. Asset inspections can be done annually, biannually, triannually or as required. 

State-Based Reports

Our statebased legislated requirement reports include checks for minimum housing standards in alignment with the regulation, and electrical and gas safety compliance checks where necessary. 

Custom Requirements?

Custom inspections can be scoped to suit your specific needs and requirements. Speak with us to explain what you would like to achieve and we will work together. 

We would welcome any opportunity to speak with your organisation to help increase tenant and worker safety and provide a full inspection service.

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