How do I make my home safe for my kids and family?

The family home generally provides two of the most important things in your life. It is a safe haven to live and grow in, and it is often your largest financial asset.

It’s a harsh reality then, that 1 in 3 accidents occurs in and around the home – and of that most are preventable. These incidents can be the result hidden hazards such as electrical faults, structural defects, gas leaks, slip and trip hazards, or inadequate pool fencing. Whether it’s your own home or your investment property, those living in or visiting your property need to be safe. This includes your family, visiting friends, tradespeople, and the tenants that reside in your rental properties.

Will I be protected against claims if an accident occurs?

Depending on the wording of the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) in your insurance policy, you may not be protected against personal injury claims if an accident occurs in your home and due to a hazard that was known about or one you reasonably ought to have been known about.

Whilst most homeowners believe they know how safe their property is, they are often not trained to detect finer issues around the safety of glass, gas leaks, smoke alarms, pools, balconies, balustrades etc.

Understandably, these details are mostly outside the average owner’s base knowledge, especially as many require specific inspection equipment to detect.

Without this specific knowledge, you not only run the risk of an accident occurring in your home, but you could face additional consequences.

What steps should I take for a safer home?

Awareness of potential risks allows you to take action and create a safer living environment. PropertySafe gives you the control to better protect yourself, your loved ones, your tenants, and your visitors.

There are four types of reports available for homeowners that reside in their own home – you can find out more about each of these below:

PropertySafe Home

PropertySafe Home

PropertySafe Kids

PropertySafe Elderly

PropertySafe Family

PropertySafe Family

If you’re a landlord or investor, the PropertySafe Investor report will be most suitable.

Let us help you keep your loved ones safe. Order a report today.