Frequently Asked Questions

PropertySafe is an Australian owned, national service. We specialise in safety inspections on residential, owner-occupied, and rented (self-managed) properties across Australia and New Zealand. Our team assesses properties on behalf of their owners, landlords, tenants and property managers to provide recommendations that maximise the safety of occupants.

PropertySafe is proud to bring you an inspection and reporting system, specifically designed to address the risks and issues associated with personal injury in and around homes. We also cover some state based compliance checks. 

PropertySafe provides a unique and proven inspection and reporting service to reduce the chance of damages claims against property management professionals resulting from preventable injuries to tenants.

Our team assess residential properties on behalf of their owners and provide recommendations that maximise the safety of occupants. We identify 16 risk areas and inspect in excess of 120 individual risks that exist around the property. We also offer some state based compliance checks.

The invitation email is from YOU in your name, with your email stationary and sent via Maintenance Manager. You are personally recommending the service to your owners. There is a link in that email for the owners to accept or decline the invitation. If declined or accepted it is a virtual “unsubscribe” from further invitations for 1 year.

The purpose of a PropertySafe invitation is to provide you and your agency with the opportunity to mitigate risks. By merely recommending the services to your clients, regardless of response, the risk to your rent roll is greatly reduced.

For some states where properties must meet certain compliance criteria, PropertySafe gives you the opportunity to provide your owners with an inclusive solution to ensure their investment meets legislative requirements.

If an owner calls you by phone or gives you a direction via reply email (having not utilised the links in the invitation) you can ask them to utilise the link in the email you sent them OR you can accept or decline on their behalf by logging in to Maintenance Manager – search and find the property – click on the “Purchase” tab at centre and approve or decline as per their instructions remembering to make a note of how they contacted you and what they said.

Log in to Maintenance Manager, find the property, click on the “Settings” tab at right, drop down “Display / Import” and scroll to “Other”. Select “Exclude from PropertySafe invitations”, select the reason and confirm. If the landlord has multiple properties you can scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Apply settings to all Landlord properties” then “Save Settings”.

As inspections are ordered you will receive an email notification, but you do not need to do anything, the process is fully automated until it is time for you to consider any high risk or any non-compliance issues arising from the inspection.

To view current orders in Maintenance Manager go to Properties – PropertySafe Inspections – Current Inspections.

To review declines to the invitation, go to Tools – PS Report ordering – Rejected Invitations.

To view completed inspections go to Properties – Completed Inspections.

If you receive communication from an owner that no longer requires an ordered report you can cancel the order in Maintenance Manager at any time up until commencement of the inspection. Go to the property address in Maintenance Manager – select the “PropertySafe Inspections” tab and select “Cancel”. Place a comment regarding the reason for the cancellation and then automatic emails will be sent to the owner, tenant and inspector confirming the cancellation.

Yes, we do offer discounts for multiple reports. To obtain the discount you must contact us immediately after an order is placed – or 1300 350 000.

2-4 properties – 10% discount

Each residence requires an individually completed and insured report. If you order 2-4 residences within the same region or building e.g. both sides of a duplex, 4 units in a building or 3 homes in the same or neighbouring suburbs, a 10% discount is offered per report.

5 or more properties – 15% discount

Each residence requires an individually completed and insured report. If you order 5 or more residences within the same region or building a 15% discount is offered per report.

Granny Flat / Separate buildings on the same property – 50% discount

Each residence requires an individually completed and insured report. If you order for both the main house and associated granny flat or a separate building a 50% discount is offered for just the additional flat/building.  It is imperative that access is supplied to both dwellings for the same day and time, otherwise the full fee will be charged.

Absolutely.  Every PropertySafe inspector is specifically trained to undertake these essential inspections.

Fully licensed electricians conduct the electrical safety checks, and licensed gasfitter/plumbers carry out the gas safety check.

No. To protect your agency ONLY the owners receive a copy of the completed report. If you automatically receive a copy of the entire report it may be argued in future that you are responsible for actioning all report findings including the lower risk ones. On completion, you will receive an email alerting you to only high risk or any non-compliance issues if discovered. These will also appear within Maintenance Manager – PropertySafe Actions. It is these issues you will need to action. The owner receives an email with the entire report attached informing them that you have been alerted to any high-risk non-compliance issues and then giving them a link to refer any lower risk issues to you via Maintenance Manager.

No and yes… let’s explain

PropertySafe Investor – no. The standard PropertySafe report is not a pre-purchase, compliance or building certification report. The premise for the report is first and foremost regarding safety by alerting home owners to safety risks and providing options to mitigate those risks. 

The report offered to VIC rental providers – yes. The Safer Home Evaluation Report has optional gas and/or electrical safety checks which are compliant components and checks for the minimum standard requirements. 

Please Note: Acting on ‘Major’ imminently life threatening issues discovered is strongly recommended, and as per The Inspectors Code of Conduct will be conveyed to the home occupants if present and/or property manager as soon as practicable after the inspection. 

The inspector will endeavour to contact the tenants to arrange a mutually agreeable time to complete the inspection. If there have been 3 unresponsive attempts to arrange a day and time with the tenants the inspector will utilise the Entry Notice capability within Maintenance Manager to send an entry notice with 7 days’ notice in the name of the agency. The only exception to this procedure is when the inspector is travelling to a remote location to complete at least 3 days of inspections. In this instance entry notices will be sent regardless of contact with the tenants. The agency can remove the inspector’s opportunity to send entry notices within Maintenance Manager via Tools – Global settings – General settings. If the ability for the inspector to send Entry Notices is removed the property Manager will be asked to send entry notices on the inspector’s behalf.

The current recommendation regarding the frequency of a PropertySafe residential safety inspection is every two years. Properties that are deemed to be above average with a low level of issues may be extended to 2-3 years whereas properties in poor condition with a significant number of issues should be checked every year.

The current compliance guidelines in Victoria require rental providers to complete gas and electrical safety checks every two years.

The time taken on the property will vary depending upon the size of the property, number and seriousness of hazards identified  and if gas and electrical safety checks have been added. The inspector/s is usually on-site for between 45 minutes and 2 hours.