Safer Home Evaluation for
Queensland minimum housing standards

The Safer Home Evaluation inspection is designed to meet legislative requirements and goes beyond inspecting the minimum housing standards to include additional observations of high-risk safety hazards.

By conducting this inspection, landlords can minimize the risk of exposure to potential legal claims and protect the safety of tenants and visitors to the property.

As a landlord, you understand the importance of ensuring that your properties meet the new minimum housing standards. However, keeping up with the recent legislative changes can be challenging and time-consuming.

It’s also important to note that the vast majority of property managers and landlords do NOT have the expertise to determine a property’s structural soundness and identify hidden safety hazards when it comes to the minimum housing standards.

Our solution can help

We offer a comprehensive inspection service that ensures the properties you manage meet all legislative requirements and go beyond the minimum standards to include additional high-risk safety hazard observations.

By using our service, you can minimize the risk of exposure to the legislation, and protect the safety of your tenants and visitors to the property. We are currently servicing the Gold Coast, Greater Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas.

Safer Home Evaluation Report


Rental Minimum Standards
Prices incl GST

What is included in the report?


Roofing or windows of the premises must prevent water from entering the premises when it rains.

Structurally Sound
Structurally Sound

Floors, walls, ceiling, roof, steps, deck and supporting structures to be free from rot, defect, and dampness and not likely to collapse or cause damage.

Plumbing & Drainage
Plumbing & drainage

Must have adequate plumbing and drainage and be connected to a waters supply service or other infrastructure that supplies hot and cold water suitable for drinking.

Mould & Dampness
Damp & Mould

Premises must be free from damp and mould.


Premises must be free from vermin.


Provide privacy in bathroom areas and have flushable toilets connected to a sewer, septic tank or other waste disposal system


Must include a functioning cook-top.


Must include the fixtures required to provide a functional laundry other than whitegoods.

Fixtures and Fittings

The fixtures and fittings, including electrical appliances, for premises must be in good repair and must not be likely to cause injury to a person through the ordinary use.

Locks and Latches
Locks and Latches

Must have a functioning lock or latch fitted to all external windows and doors to secure the premises against unauthorised entry.


Premises must have privacy coverings for windows in all rooms in which tenants or residents are reasonably likely to expect privacy.

High Risk Safety Issues
High Risk Safety Hazards

Any observation made for hazards at the premises that are highly likely to cause severe injury or death to an occupant or visitor.

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