It is essential that every property is safe for occupants and visitors, whether family, friends or trades. If not, every property owner and manager is at risk!

PropertySafe delivers the solution to ensure the property you own or manage is safe for your loved ones or your tenants.

The PropertySafe solution:

  • Identifies the potential risks within a property;
  • Provides recommended actions and quote documents;
  • Uses experienced, certified and insured inspectors;
  • Delivers crucial protection to Landlords and Property Managers;
  • Provides a safer environment for tenants and family;
  • Addresses all legally required compliance inspections;
  • Provides a complete system of quoting, notifications and reminders.


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Key areas covered by the report include:


About PropertySafe

PropertySafe is an Australian owned company whose origins derive from businesses with over 23 years of extensive experience with property inspections.

PropertySafe is proud to be able to bring to you the world’s first, patent-pending, specifically designed inspection and reporting system that will address the current risks and issues associated with personal injury at and around homes. We have undertaken extensive research into the most common areas of personal risk and subsequent litigation within the residential property. We have identified 16 specific risk areas and inspect for in excess of 120 individual risks that exist around the normal property.

Each inspection is carried out by a specially trained, certified and insured inspector.

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