PropertySafe Complaint Resolution Policy (CRP)


This policy is intended to ensure that PropertySafe, handle complaints from customers fairly, efficiently, and effectively. 

Our complaint management system is intended to:

  • Enable us to respond to complaints raised by PropertySafe Customers in a timely and effective way;
  • Boost PropertySafe Customer confidence in our organisational and administrative processes, and;
  • Provide information that can be used by us to deliver quality improvements in our products, services, staff, and complaints handling.

This policy provides guidance to our PropertySafe Customers and staff for how to make and manage complaints and includes the key principles and concepts of our Complaint Resolution Policy.

Resolving complaints  

People focus

We are committed to seeking / receiving feedback and resolving complaints escalated by PropertySafe Customers. This includes our services, systems, practices, procedures and products.

Any concerns raised in feedback or complaints will be dealt with within a reasonable time frame.

Users escalating complaints will be:

  • provided with an accessible way to raise a complaint
  • listened to, treated with respect by staff and actively involved in the complaint handling process where possible and appropriate, and
  • provided with reasons for our decision/s and any options for redress or review.

Lodging a complaint 


You can simply lodge a complaint at any time via This will automatically provide you with a window to describe what the issue is and will encourage you to support that with as much documentary or photographic evidence as possible.


We will promptly acknowledge receipt of complaints.

We will assess and prioritise complaints in accordance with the urgency and/or seriousness of the issues raised. If a matter concerns an immediate risk to safety or security, the response will be immediate and will be escalated appropriately.

We are committed to managing customers’ expectations, and will inform them as soon as possible, of the following:

  • the expected time frames for our actions
  • the progress of the complaint and reasons for any delay
  • their likely involvement in the process, and
  • the possible or likely outcome of their complaint.

We will advise customers as soon as possible, when we are unable to deal with any part of their complaint and provide advice about where such issues and/or complaints may be directed (if known and appropriate).

We will also advise customers as soon as possible, when we are unable to meet our time frames for responding to their complaint and the reason for our delay.

Objectivity and fairness

We will address each complaint with integrity and in an equitable, objective and unbiased manner. Conflicts of interests, whether actual or perceived, will be managed responsibly. 

Our staff are empowered to resolve complaints promptly and with as little formality as possible. We will adopt flexible approaches to service delivery and problem solving to enhance accessibility for people escalating complaints.

We will assess each dispute on its merits and involve people raising the dispute in the process as far as possible. Resolution of the complaint will be at the discretion of PropertySafe and that determination will be final, although nothing in this Policy will prevent a customer from pursuing legal remedies which may be available to them through the court system.


We will protect the identity of people raising complaints where this is practical and appropriate. Personal information that identifies individuals will only be disclosed or used by PropertySafe as permitted under its Privacy Policy found at, relevant privacy laws, and any relevant confidentiality obligations.

Policy current as of 2nd February 2021