Keeping up with the Victorian rental standards

Everyone wants a rental property to be safe for all parties. In Victoria last year, new laws were put in place to ensure that this would be the case. It’s essential to follow these regulations, so ensuring the property is compliant against the legislation is part of leasing that property. But in the past year, the blacklist of rental providers who have been found non-compliant with Victorian regulations has grown quickly.

Getting (and keeping) everything in order for a renter is a mammoth task that is often not completed to the satisfaction of Victorian authorities. Part of the reason for this is likely due to the adjustment period, as rental providers come to grips with a changed environment. Another issue is creating time and manpower for the extra workload of ensuring legislation compliance. Bi annual gas and electrical safety checks, along with 14 categories of standards covering everything from window functionality to structural soundness, there’s a lot to check, and many providers have found themselves falling short.

A year in, many rental providers are still struggling to organise everything they need to do to ensure legislated compliance. Property managers are caught in the middle, fielding queries and scrambling to get things up to standard.

PropertySafe can take a load off your mind, and help you avoid penalties. Our Safer Home Evaluation Report is designed specifically for Victoria, taking in all of the regulation changes so you know that nothing will be overlooked. We can even complete the gas and electrical safety checks and a minimum standard report all in one inspection if all three are required. It’s simple and straightforward to arrange the report and follow up on any problem areas identified.

The inspection is conducted by experienced Inspectors. Once completed, the report will specify all areas that don’t meet the legislated compliance or the minimum standards and recommend what you need to do to ensure the property meets regulatory requirements.

At the end of the day, these regulations are there to protect renters and rental providers by ensuring a minimum standard of health, safety and comfort in any rental. By meeting these standards, you can minimise risk, remain compliant and keep your renters happy in the property for longer.

Make your life easier and give your renters and rental providers confidence by investing in a report that will safeguard your reputation and legislated compliance record. Don’t end up on the blacklist or leave yourself open to fines. To learn more about the Safer Home Evaluation report, including how to book an inspection, call us on 1300 350 000.