NSW Safer Home Evaluation


Reduce your exposure. PropertySafe NSW Safer Home Evaluation is the essential report for investors.

There are limits to the expertise Property Managers can provide around building and safety of a property. Plus, the number of personal injury claims made by tenants against owners is increasing at an alarming rate.



As a landlord, you must ensure your investment property meets the NSW Minimum Housing Standards.

Significant changes to the NSW Residential Tenancies Act came into affect in March 2020 that have significant impacts on the obligations of landlords in NSW. All rental properties must now meet the following seven minimum standards at the start and throughout the tenancy to be considered fit for habitation.

  • The property must be structurally sound
  • The property must have adequate natural or artificial lighting
  • The property must have adequate ventilation
  • The property must be supplied with electricity or gas, as well as having an adequate number of electricity or gas outlets for lighting, heating and appliances
  • The property must have adequate plumbing and drainage
  • The property must be connected to a water supply for access to hot/cold water for drinking, washing and cleaning
  • The property must contain bathroom facilities, including toilet and washing facilities, which must protect user privacy

The PropertySafe NSW Safer Home Evaluation report will check for compliance against each standard.

Once you order a PropertySafe NSW Safer Home Evaluation report, one of our inspectors will be in contact within 5 business days to arrange an inspection time that suits you.


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