VIC Safer Home Evaluation


PropertySafe Safer Home Evaluation is the essential compliance report for Victorian rental providers. There are limits to the expertise Property Managers can provide around building and safety compliance of a property.  The report checks for minimum housing standards, electrical and gas safety compliance checks.

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As a rental provider, your property must now comply with the Victorian Rental Minimum Standards and have bi-annual Gas & Electrical Safety Checks.

Significant changes to the Residential Tenancies Act came into affect in March 2021 that have impacts on the obligations of rental providers in Victoria. All rental providers must make sure a rental property complies to minimum standards on or before the day a renter moves in.

  1. Locks
  2. Vermin proof bins
  3. Toilets
  4. Bathroom
  5. Kitchen
  6. Laundry
  7. Structural soundness
  8. Mould and damp
  9. Electrical safety (this standard is covered in the additional electrical safety report)
  10. Window coverings
  11. Windows
  12. Lighting
  13. Ventilation
  14. Heating

A full detailed list of standards can be found here. Rental providers must also have gas and electrical safety checks conducted every two years and keep records.

The PropertySafe Safer Home Evaluation provides an all in one report solution that covers your compliant obligations. Our report will check the property’s level of compliance against the standards (with the exception of ‘electrical safety’) and offers optional electrical and gas safety checks. We help to streamline the inspection process and ensure that the reports you order are arranged and conducted at the same time to reduce inconvenience to the renter.

The gas safety check ensures that fixed gas appliances have been installed correctly and appropriately maintained. Testing on the gas installations for leakage is also conducted. The electrical safety check is a combination of visual inspection and limited testing of the electrical installation to verify that the installation is in good repair and shows no signs of misuse or damage.

Once you order a PropertySafe report, one of our inspectors will be in contact within 5 business days to arrange an inspection time that suits you.


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