At PropertySafe, we are committed to property inspections that save lives and prevent injury. We know we have already managed to prevent deaths and personal harm by identifying risks in the home and we are dedicated to continuing to do this every day.

To ensure our reports cover as many safety risks as possible, we keep a close eye on injury statistics and trends of injuries in the home. Some of these statistics are absolutely staggering – Unfortunately, most people have no idea of how ‘at-risk’ they really are.

We encourage everybody to take proactive steps around the home to help avoid preventable accidents. We have collated some home injury statistics from various reputable sources which can be found HERE. This data is current as at May, 2017.

Click here for the most recent home injury statistics

Being aware of the potential risks is simply the first step to increasing safety – We encourage you to be proactive about fixing any hazards that you identify in your home. However, the most dangerous risks are often the ones you don’t notice, until it’s too late. It could be a loose screw on a railing, it could be a large TV at risk of falling or it could be something as simple as a sneaky trip hazard.

It takes a trained eye to notice every single risk in your home, which is why we always recommend contacting PropertySafe to organise your home safety report now.

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